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PlayMotion SPG: Special Projects Group

Our Special Projects Group constantly pushes the envelope of what is possible with a perfect synthesis of design, vision and technology. Below is a select sampling of some of the projects we have installed throughout the world on behalf of our customers.


PlayMotion Virtual Aquarium

September 2008
PlayMotion Virtual Aquarium

client: The Florida Aquarium
location: Tampa, FL
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playmotion virtual aquarium

The Florida Aquarium was looking to combine interaction and education in a virtual environment that would handle 30 guests as easily as 3. They also wanted to give their guests an intimacy with the animals generally unavailable to anyone but the most seasoned marine biologists. To accomplish these goals they enlisted PlayMotion to create the Virtual Aquarium, a 30 foot wide, triple projector installation which featured animated models of a dozen animals which react to the guests, the environment, and eachother...   read more >>>


Magic Mirror: Make Me a Supermodel

January 2008
Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford with PlayMotion

client: Fallon McElligott / NBC
location: New York, NY -- Fifth Avenue
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make me a supermodel

Fallon McElligott engaged PlayMotion to create two magical window displays for NBC's flagship Experience Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The goal was to promote their new show, Make Me a Supermodel, starring Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford...   read more >>>


Living Landscapes: Soarin at Epcot Center

July 2007
crowds lean and fly with the birds at the Epcot Soarin pre-show

client: Walt Disney Imagineering
location: Orlando, FL
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soarin pre-show

Soarin is far and away the most popular ride in the entire Disney park. So popular, in fact, that at times the waiting line exceeds 2 hours... of waiting in a hallway for an 8 minute ride experience. PlayMotion was tasked to transform this dull waiting time into an interactive experience in 5 parts. To realise this goal, 5 massive digital projection screens were installed along the length of a 150 foot long hallway, each measuring 11' high by 25' wide. Groups of 50 people form in front of each of the screens....   read more >>>


Red Bull FlugTag: Free Flight Simulator

July 2006
RedBull FlugTag: PlayMotion Flight Simulator

client: Red Bull
location: Baltimore, MD -- Inner Harbor
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red bull flugtag

...   read more >>>


15 Minutes of Fame: New Years Eve on Times Square

December 2005
15 minutes of fame with PlayMotion TelePlay for AT+T client: GSD&M / AT&T
location: New York, NY -- Times Square

...   read more >>>


Fish Scales: an Interactive Donor Wall

December 2004
fish scales: an interactive donor wall for the georgia aquarium

client: The Georgia Aquarium
location: Atlanta, GA
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fish scales

The Georgia Aquarium...   read more >>>


WonderWindow ATL

November 2003
WonderWindow: A Public Art Project for the City of Atlanta

client: SouthTrust Bank / Atlantic Station
location: Atlanta, GA
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WonderWindow ATL