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Design Engagement Services

Have a project where you want PlayMotion-style human interaction for your venue, but don't know where to begin? Simply engage PlayMotion's world-class team of designers, engineers, and computer vision specialists to help brainstorm, scope, schedule and budget your dream installation.

Our proven process is outlined here:

Phase I: Design

For Special Projects, PlayMotion generally engages in a Design Phase prior to Implementation & Installation. The Design Phase is a consulting engagement where the PlayMotion team leads meet with key stakeholders and decision makers within your organization, define the goals and requirements of the installation, and develop a comprehensive plan for implementation.

Components of the Design Phase include:
  • face to face meetings with stakeholders
  • project goals analysis
  • requirements collection
  • site visit
  • technology identification
Deliverables for this phase include:
  • design document
  • high level functional specification
  • technology architecture blueprint
  • overall project budget
  • overall project schedule & milestones

Phase II: Development

Following the conclusion of the Design Phase, PlayMotion (and/or third party developers / integrators) is contracted to provide development services.

The Development Phase contains the following key stages:

  1. Storyboarding
  2. Functional Specification Development
  3. Media Asset Creation
  4. Rapid Prototyping
  5. Asset Integration
  6. PlayTesting & Iteration
  7. Site Prep
  8. Installation
  9. Tuning
  10. Documentation & Training

1. Storyboarding

Storyboards are developed which tell the visual story of how participants will interact with the experience. Storyboards, just like in the movies, are used to set a general tone and feeling, as well as to map key points of inflection in the experience.

2. Functional Specification

Filling in detail of the Design Document and high level specification, a detailed functional specification is agreed upon between the parties. Final detailed lists of required media assets are compiled. Script is written, including rough timings and voiceover scripts where needed. The final specification is the roadmap which guides the rest of the project through Tuning.

3. Media Asset Creation

Required media assets, including illustration, cel animation, 3D models & textures, 3D lighting rigs, 3D animations, 3D environments, 2D background planes, soundtracks, sound effects, voiceovers, superimposed texts, video shoots, video production, and still photography, are created in high resolution formats.

4. Rapid Prototyping

A raw functional prototype is developed with primitive stand-ins for all final media assets. Overall play structure is coded and framework is built.

5. Asset Integration

All media assets are exported to compatible formats, and integrated into the prototype as they are made available and iterated.

6. PlayTesting & Iteration

For the first time, the application is projected in our test theatre, and human players test the interaction at 1:1 scale. Detailed notes are taken for versioning. Software bugs are noted and fixed. A video is sent to the end customer for approval.

7. Site Prep

All basic construction (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring) is completed. The install site is prepared in accordance with the PlayMotion Pre-Install checklist. Display surfaces are painted and projectors and other audio-visual devices are installed by third party vendors.

8. Installation

All equipment is prepped at PlayMotion facilities, software is installed and burned in, equipment is shipped to customer install site. A PlayMotion install technician is generally sent to the install location to perform initial calibration and certification of the environment.

9. Tuning

Media assets are edited and versioned as necessary to improve the play experience. Interactive parameters (physics constraints, timings, vision methods) are tuned for optimum balance and playability.

10. Documentation & Training

The customer is trained on how to operate the system and how to perform daily start-up, operating, and shut-down procedures, in addition to basic calibration routines. Owners Manual and Documentaion of all site-specific software is delivered. Project is complete. PlayCare begins.

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