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PlayMotion SPG: Make me a Supermodel

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Fallon McElligot engaged PlayMotion on behalf of their client, NBC, to create a magical storewindow to their flagship NBC Experience Store on Fifth Avenue in New York in order to promote their new show, Make Me a Supermodel. Their goal was to engage casual passers-bys and transform them into playful participants.

In order to achieve these goals, PlayMotion deployed two of its proprietary technologies, MagicMirror and TelePlay. Using MagicMirror, PlayMotion sensor systems mounted on the interior of the window sensed and tracked pedestrians. As soon as a track was obtained, a video image of either Tyson Beckford or Niki Taylor (the two supermodel hosts of the show) was mixed and superimposed in real time to match the gait and pace of the pedestrian. If the pedestrian stopped and made a gesture, this was in turn recognized and mimicked by the video actors, who had a vocabulary of triggered responses. Many pedestrians did double takes both day and night as they realised what was happening!

On a second window, images of all the contestants were presented, along with a toll free number to dial. Pedestrians simply dialled the number and selected a contestant via numbers projected in the shop window. Immediately as summoned, the video image of the contestant would step forward and perform their "catwalk' routine, on demand. Everyday people in control of soon to be supermodels... a new paradigm for real-time interaction.

Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor admire the PlayMotion Magic Mirror

Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor admire the PlayMotion Magic Mirror in action from the Fifth Avenue sidewalk.

Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford play with their digital mirror images as the PlayMotion Magic Mirror launches at the NBC Experience Store, New York City.