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GravityTour experience of planetary proportions!

Gravity Tour: Venus

PlayMotion is pleased to announce the 2009 release of an integrated end-to-end space science exhibit, "Gravity Tour." This unique simulation environment utilizes PlayMotion's state-of-the-art vision platform, tailored specifically to the educational demands of science centers and museums and schoolchildren K-12. From single player to large crowds of children, this unique attraction engages the viewing audience nearly as much as the players themselves. PlayMotion-powered technology eliminates the need for suits, goggles or any game controller device, allowing instant and fully natural interactivity right within your facility. Imagine playing soccer on Earth first, followed by Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Rich infographic overlays inform players about each planet even as they leap and play within the scientifically accurate simulation. Gravity Tour enables children to experience the difference in relative gravity, atmospheric pressures and the effects of actual physics in a virtual world real time experience which they can viscerally relate to; playing soccer on other planets.

Gravity Tour: Earth

The Basic Gravity Tour System consists of a single PlayMotion CORE unit, with software for all the planets loaded and pre-configured. The system is programmable to swicth planets every 5 minutes, so that participants can play in up to 6 different gravity environments within a 20-25 minute window. To determine space requirements for your facility, contact PlayMotion Sales today.

The Premium Gravity Tour Exhibit consists of five individual PlayMotion CORE units, with software for a single planet loaded on each machine. Each area is both physcially and virtually themed to match the landscape characteristics of each individual planet; your visitors will start at Earth and then walk from room to room, experiencing a different planet in each space. Guests follow along with an educational workbook that they take home with them. A 'Lunar Photo' of each visitor and a "certificate of completion" memorialize the experience and create a take home reminder to drive future visitors to your venue. The Premium Gravity Tour attraction perfectly lends itself to scholastic group tours as a truly unique interactive educational field trip.

Gravity Tour: Mars

The Premium Gravity Tour Exhibit includes:

  • (5) turn-key PlayMotion CORE systems
  • software for 5 planets
  • educational outlines for K-6, 7-12
  • blueprints for installation
  • on-site installation and training
  • optional photo- & certificate printer

For more details, contact PlayMotion Sales today.

Domestic and International Patents Pending. Gravity Tour is copyright 2003-2014 PlayMotion, Inc.

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