PlayMotion® is founded upon the ideas of magic, transformation, and empowerment.

    We strive to transform ordinary spaces into magical playgrounds.

    We create experiences which stimulate the imagination of participants.

    We develop interactives which empower humans of all ages, races, economic circumstance and cultural heritage with superpowers which awaken our collective consciousness.

    When a participant interacts with a PlayMotion experience, they undergo a transformation which changes both their worldview as well as their own self image. PlayMotion experiences visualize forces and flows which are omnipresent, yet mostly invisible to the naked eye. Through colorful, positive, real-time, high performance visualizations, the invisible is made manifest, and imagination is made real.

    This is PlayMotion.
    Welcome to our Playground.

F R E E D O M   T O   P L A Y ... F O R   A L L   A G E S !